What does disengaged mean, and who does Mastery Schools Australia cater for?

At Mastery Schools Australia we cater for students who are falling behind, disengaged or at risk of disengaging from mainstream school. We specifically focus on supporting students with learning difficulties. So what does that mean, and will your child be accepted for enrollment at MSA?

At MSA we specifically cater for children who are struggling in the classroom. That struggle may be influenced by a learning or social/emotional difficulty, which is directly impacting their learning ability.

MSA’s psychologist, Jazmine Gough, said, “MSA is for students who are falling behind with their learning, whether it’s due to academic or social-emotional challenges, such as anxiety or bullying/peer issues. [Disengaged means] falling behind with their schoolwork (e.g. working at a level that is significantly below what is expected in one or more subjects), or refusing to attend mainstream school altogether.”

Every enrollment at MSA is individual and assessed case by case. However, we commonly cater for children with learning difficulties like Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, ASD, ADHD and Anxiety.

It is preferred that a child has a letter of diagnosis from an allied health professional prior to enrolment. We still welcome expressions of interest. However, not having a diagnosis may result in a longer enrolment process, as we require a letter of diagnosis before a child enrols with us.

Our enrollment process is extensive to ensure we can successfully meet the needs of every child at MSA. We test every child prior to enrollment to determine the child’s reading, numeracy, literacy, mathematics, spelling and comprehension ability. From our testing, we identify if we can help a child improve in one or many areas of their learning. After this process, we organise a trial day for the child to ensure * they can effectively learn at MSA.

Sometimes we are unable to meet the needs of every child that applies if behavioural issues are at the core of their learning difficulties in the classroom.

If your child is diagnosed with a learning difficulty or falling behind in a mainstream school, then we encourage you to express your interest in Mastery Schools Australia.

If your child is struggling in a mainstream school, you can learn more about the Science of Learning, what that looks like at MSA and how we can support your family by contacting (07) 5551 4080 or emailing coolangatta@msa.qld.edu.au or southport@msa.qld.edu.au 

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