Yes, our programs are designed to benefit all students with learning difficulties – not exclusive

Yes, our programs are designed to benefit all students with learning difficulties.

“No, MSA is a school designed to cater for all students who are disengaged in mainstream schools due to learning difficulties such as – but not exclusive to – Dyslexia, ADHD, Dysgraphia, etc.
All you need to provide us with is your childs diagnosis from a medical professional such as a Psychologist and Pediatrician.”

“Yes, MSA is appropriate for your child as all students are placed in classes suitable for their standardised tested skill level. This level is frequently assessed and ILP’s are regularly updated based on their progression of mastery of a subject.

Nobody gets left behind!”

Each classroom has approximately 25-30 students, along with 1 classroom teacher and 3 assistant teachers.

A temporary bus service is currently running while families get settled into our new campus facilities on the Gold Coast. However, this bus service will discontinue from Term 3, 2023.

To start the enrolment process, you first must express your interest via our ‘Enrolment Expressions of Interest’ page of our website . You will then be contacted to discuss options further and potentially book in an Information Session / Tour. After attending the information session, if you would like to continue with the enrolment process, your next step is to book an interview with our Principal or Assistant Principal – this can be done at the campus’ reception after your information session. At this interview, the school will determine your child’s suitability for academic success at our school.

We have a term levy fee of $275.00 with no required booklists as we provide all resources for every student!

As your term levy would cover all necessary resources such as books, stationary, excursion costs, etc, the only other items you will need to purchase for your child is a uniform – then additionally provide your child’s own water bottle and lunch/snacks.

It is preferred that your child has their letter of diagnosis from a medical professional such as a Psychologist and Pediatrician prior to enrolment. You are still welcome to express your interest of enrolment without it, however not having a diagnosis may result in a longer enrolment process as we would require this before completing the enrolment.

Yes, trials are determined by the principal in your enrollment interview. Please refer to the enrolment process page of our website to learn more.

Our Transition Officer at each campus assists our year 10 students to decide the best path for each individual student whether that be mainstream school, a tafe pathway plan or the workforce.

We have a range of sporting options across our campuses, please enquire with your individual campus administration team for more details on this.

Please refer to the Curriculum page on our website to see the subject list for each year group under class schedule. 

Please refer to our daily schedule on the Curriculum page of our website to see class times and daily schedules for all campuses.

Our days are longer to ensure that there is sufficient instruction time for all of our students to hit their mastery level!

We are grateful that you see the potential of a MSA in your local area. We are absolutely aiming to open more campuses across Australia. As soon as there are any plans in the future, MSA will not hold back to update our community as soon as possible.

We are currently looking at the potential for a two additional campuses in Melbourne and Cairns. These campuses may open pending accreditation approval. This is yet to be confirmed.

New Uniforms
New uniforms can only be purchased from your campus’ reception. If they do not have the correct size for the desired item, you can request to pre-order the item.

New Uniform Price List:

> Hat – $15.00
> School Polo – $30.00
> School Fleece Jumper – $35.00
> School Jacket – $45.00

Available deal: Donate your second hand uniform directly to the school and receive $10 off your next NEW uniform purchase.

Second-Hand Uniforms
There are two options to purchasing Second-Hand uniforms:

Option 1 – From your campus’ reception

Second hand uniform pricing directly through the school is as follows:
> Second-hand shirts: $15
> Second-hand jackets: $30
> Second-hand sweatshirts: $20

Option 2 – From our Second-Hand Uniform Buy/Sell Facebook group

Use this page to list the items you wish to sell or to find items you might want to purchase within the MSA parents community…

Hosted by MSA and moderated by parents, there is an MSA parents group page on Facebook for every campus!

To become a member, you need to be a parent of a student who is currently enroled and attending an MSA campus.

If you meet this criteria, we invite you to request to join via the relevant links below:

Southport –
Coolangatta –
Springfield –
Varsity Lakes –

Due to privacy and security reasons, please expect that your join request may take a few days to be accepted.

Enrolment Expressions of Varsity Lakes

Enrolment Expressions of Interest Cairns

Enrolment Expressions of Interest Melbourne

Enrolment Expressions of Interest Springfield