Student Testimonials

I am very happy that we made the switch to Mastery Schools [Australia]. As a parent, I love that my kids come home from school enthusiastic and happy. As a neuroscientist, I appreciate that teachers use evidence-based teaching methods. The individualised learning plans for all of my children have supported them to catch up in subjects they needed help with – and to be extended in subjects they excel at. This has meant that my children feel confident, accomplished, and their academic progress is clear. The teachers keep the class environment nurturing, supportive, and friendly – and my children are blossoming.

– Dr Kachina Allen,

Parent of Varsity Lakes Student 2021

Parent Testimonials and Success Cases

“My son has improved in his reading and able to read to himself using the tools chat he has learnt from his lessons. I am very happy with the results from Mastery [Schools Australia]. Teachers are great…”

– Helen M.

Parent of MSA Varsity Lakes Student 2021

“[Student] has only been at the school for 2 terms, so I’m not quite sure if his academic progress. But his personal progress I feel has increased at least 100%. He is more confident, he even participated in a Memorial Day ceremony, something [Student] has never participated in anything that put him in a position for people to look/judge him, and for me this was worth the move just for that. I have also found that it is no longer a fight every morning to get him to go to school. But most of all I feel the confidence [Student] has gained is crossing over to his social activities as well. Can honestly say he is a changed young man. And I am greatfull for that.”

– Tarina H.

Parent of MSA Varsity Lakes Student 2021

“My son has been at this school since July. He is a different kid, happier more confident and relaxed. All a lot of these kids needs is support and recognition of their learning needs, something that mainstream schools just can’t seem to provide.”

– Carla W.

Parent of MSA Varsity Lakes Student 2021

“Cannot recommend this school more highly. The teaching methodology and staff to student ratio means he doesn’t get left behind. Thanks to MSA our son has a renewed confidence in his ability to learn.”

– Paula O.

Parent of MSA Varsity Lakes Student 2021

“Great School my daughter has anxiety and it’s helping her with her learning she likes it”

– Grace C.

Parent of MSA Varsity Lakes Student 2021

“I am thankful beyond words. Thank you so much for giving [Student] the opportunity to learn and reach his full potential in learning. Please keep your core beliefs forever and change lifes for years to come!!!!”

– Anges H.

Parent of MSA Varsity Lakes Student 2021


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