The MSA difference!

How the Science of Learning is offering students something mainstream cannot.

Mainstream schools can make it difficult for a student struggling in the classroom to keep up with the learning material. Students can become lost in big classes with teachers moving through the overcrowded curriculum at a pace that does not suit them. The student can feel overwhelmed and lost, which is the beginning of affecting their self-worth.

Mastery Schools Australia offers something mainstream cannot, hope and relief for parents and an educational voice to those who have never had the opportunity to have one. 

MSA uses the Science of Learning teaching model to optimise learning for those students who have fallen behind in a mainstream classroom. The Science of Learning is based on a learning theory that draws on research about information processing. It is a model that describes how people receive, process and retain knowledge.

MSA’s Executive Director of Learning, Toni Hatten-Roberts, said, “The Science of Learning is a model based on understanding how our brain processes information. So at MSA, it’s about ensuring we support our students from the perspective of understanding how they process information, their working memory and attention control.”

Students who struggle in a mainstream classroom often act out if they feel unheard or unsupported in the classroom. They don’t know how to communicate their lack of understanding, so they behave in a way that expresses their frustration and distress. This is why individualised support and higher teacher ratios are imperative for meeting the needs of students struggling with their learning. 

Master Teacher at MSA, Libby Walker, said, “At MSA, we have very high teacher ratios, so there is a lot of support for the various needs of students and we can target intervention. This level of support transpires into higher student achievement, success and self esteem for every learner.”

The Science of Learning teaching approach still delivers the Australian Curriculum. However, the delivery of the curriculum centres around meeting students at their level and pace so no student falls behind. 

Megan Broderick, a mum of an MSA student, said, “[My son] is just going up and up since coming to MSA. The school has really helped [my son] believe in his ability to learn and just have a future, and as a mum, it’s so great to finally see.”


If your child is struggling in a mainstream school, you can learn more about the Science of Learning and what that looks like at Mastery Schools Australia by contacting (07) 5551 4080 or emailing

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