MSA Manual

Getting prepared for the first day of school can be overwhelming… 

We’ve put together a checklist of everything you need to prepare yourself and your student for a successful first day with MSA. Please continue reading below for further details.

1. Uniforms

New uniform items can be purchased during our Uniform Days on Jan 18-19 (Gold Coast) + Jan 18-20 (Springfield). These are also available daily at reception during our school operating hours. 

Second hand-uniforms can be bought/sold via our Second-Hand Uniform page on Facebook via 

2. Supplies – MSA provides it all

Included in our term levy fees is the cost of supplies for your student. Which means MSA is able to provide all stationary items for your student so you don’t have to! We supply any resources required throughout the curriculum too, including excursions. 

All your student will need to bring on their first day is a backpack packed with:

  • snacks for morning tea
  • a yummy and nutritious lunch
  • water bottle and a hat

Each of these items should have your students their name securely labeled on them so that they can be easily identified if lost.

As always, no hat, no play!

3. Check all recent emails from MSA

There was a recent email sent out to all MSA parents regarding information about your campus’ address, contacts, parking, drop-off + pick-up instructions, bus routes, rec club, term levy’s, student medication (if applicable) and more. Please check your inbox for this email. If you haven’t received this email, please let your relevant campus’ administration team know:




Alternatively, these documents will be shared on the private parents Facebook page. If you are not a member of this yet, you can request to join via the following links:




4. Academic Calendar

We highly recommend that you review and download the relevant 2023 Academic Calendar. This will show you term dates, public holidays and even class times. It is definitely a handy tool to keep with you or even on your fridge!

5. Review updates School policies and procedures

We also encourage that each parent read and review our schools policies and procedures. These can be found on our website via 

That should be all you need for a guaranteed successful first day of school! We are so excited to commence the 2023 school year with you all and even more so to see what fantastic things it has to offer. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your campus’ administration team…

Let the countdown begin!

MSA Happenings

MSA Teachers Master Direct Instruction in America

By Mastery Schools Australia | 10 August 2022

On Tuesday, 26th July, 3 of our Master Teachers set off to Eugene, Oregon USA to attend the 48th National Direct Instruction Conference and Institutes event hosted by National Institute of Direct Instruction (NIFDI). With a purpose to enhance their learning, this BIG decision has paid off in more ways than we could have imagined…

Whilst Matt participated in the networking side of this event, Rachel and Libby participated in the Direct Instruction (DI) Leadership Institute sessions to become certified trainers of DI. Although the process was nothing short of strenuous, let alone the journey, the team of 2 underwent a lengthy application process and were required to undertake an enormous amount of research and study to be considered for the program. 

But regardless of this onerous process, both Rachel and Libby come out on top as they became certified trainers of DI – being 2 of 20 elite trainers worldwide that can train others in DI. To put that into perspective, this accomplishment makes Toni, our award winning Director of Teaching and Learning, Rachel and Libby 3 of only 6 elite DI trainers in Australia! …It’s only up from here!

How does this further benefit MSA?

The Conference was also a great opportunity to network with other schools and forge relationships where we can communicate and build practice to improve our student’s results. These relationships will also see many visitors come to Australia to see our Master Teachers in action at MSA.

Another huge benefit to attending this conference was the connections we made with many of the authors of our DI programs, one of them being Owen Engelmann, the son of Siegfried Engelmann – the founder and developer of DI (see pictured). To our great honour, they were super impressed with what we are doing and the positive impact that our implication of DI has made within MSA.

One great benefit of going to the US was that it affirmed to us that we are already doing a great job for our students but now we have enhanced our practice and put MSA on the global map as a school that is re-engaging students and improving results for those students who come into our care.

We are so thankful to Libby, Rachel and Matt for passionately committing to this DI journey and our mission to see EVERY student succeed and furthermore, that MSA is a part of the ever-growing DI family. We have a lot of eyes looking over us as we make learning accessible and offering ‘success as the fun we offer’.


‘Institute on Becoming an Effective DI Trainer

‘Basic Philosophy of Direct Instruction (DI)’

‘Intro to DI Video Series’