Gold Coast Newsletter Week 4, Term 4 2022



Message from the Principal

Dear MSA families,

We are now well into the learning for the term, and it is pleasing to see the students learning behaviours going from strength to strength. Across our school, every students’ capacity to achieve success is intimately linked to both the quality of teaching in the classroom, and the personal learning behaviours students are displaying. In effect, the more students attend to the learning, with the intent to learn, the more they succeed. For this reason, MSA will always emphasise the importance of a conducive learning culture, and the individual contributions and personal responsibility each student brings to the room. It is also why I wish to celebrate the volume of excellence that can be seen and felt across the school at the moment. On the whole, the students are focused, and the effort is high. More excitingly, their engagement is continuing to grow, despite being at a time where they tell me they have traditionally slowed down in previous schools.

Please continue to celebrate their effort and their discipline when they come to you to share their progress. Academic success is simply the product, which, although worthy of celebration in and of itself, is not nearly as significant of the habits they are building to achieve such results.

On a final note I would like to acknowledge the brilliance that sits within our school on World Teacher’s Day. The passion and care our staff display in supporting every student at MSA is exemplary. Thank you to all the wonderful teachers at MSA.

Have a great week.

Warm regards,

Andrew Pirie 

MSA Gold Coast

Updates & Reminders

Whole School Highlights

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Year 10 Jerseys
This week our Year 10 students had the opportunity to purchase our very first Year 10 Jerseys for Mastery Schools Australia. We are very excited to see our students proudly wear these jerseys as leaders of our school.

Classroom Highlights

Upcoming Events

Monday, 31s October

As October comes an end, MSA will be taking part in Code REaD Dyslexia Network’s ‘Light It Red’ campaign. All students and parents are invited to join us in wearing red to school on Monday, 31st October, to show support for such an important campaign, raising awareness of Dyslexia!

Students will also be participating in some fun outdoor activities as well! Please ensure your child brings a hat to school in order to participate in these activities.

*If a student does not wish to participate, please have them wear their MSA uniform as usual*

Friday, 25th November

With immense joy, we invite all families of year 10 students to join us as in bitter-sweet celebration of MSA’s first ever year 10 graduating class!

Where: The Arcade Room @ MSA Varsity Lakes
Time: 12.30 – 3.00pm

Friday, 25th November

Monday, 28th November

Where: Glow Church, 10 Energy Cct, Robina QLD 4226
Time: 6pm

More details to come!

Thursday, 1st December

We are excited to invite all year 6 students and their families to join us in celebrating their completion of year 6 and the exciting journey to come upon entering year 7 in 2023!

Where: The Arcade Room @ MSA Varsity Lakes
Time: 2.30pm

Friday, 2nd December

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