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Message from the Principal

Dear MSA Parents/ Caregivers,

Welcome back to our 2022 families and a very warm welcome to our new 2023 families.

What a fantastic start to 2023. Our new improved and expanded facilities have allowed us to welcome over 90 new students to our school. Our 2022 students have shown our new recruits the MSA way over the past 2 weeks and I couldn’t be more proud.

We have already heard many stories from parents and caregivers over the past 2 weeks of the success that your students are already achieving. For some it is improved academic confidence and/or achievement. For others it is the formation of a friend and/or friendship group. We love to hear these stories and I love to share them with our amazing staff who have worked tirelessly to prepare for the arrival of your students this year and who have agonised over how to create a great start for your child. If your child has had a successful transition to the school year, please send us an email ( to tell us specifically what you believe has made the difference for them. This allows us to ensure that we continue to do things that make a difference to students.

As discussed at our Information Session and repeatedly throughout the year, SUCCESS at MSA comes from ATTENDANCE + EFFORT + TEACHING. Our programs are mastery programs which are underpinned by repetition which leads to automaticity. With an attendance rate of less than 90%, your student will be unable to access the required exposures to content that lead to confidence and growth which come from daily access to our programs. In addition to being here at school every day, it is also important that your student arrives on time to school every day:

School hours: Year 4-6 students: 8.20am – 3.20pm
School hours: Year 7-9 students: 8.35am – 3.35pm

If your student arrives 10 mins late to school they will have missed our entire ‘Rocket Maths’ program. Without regular attendance and effort from your student, they will be unable to achieve mastery in our programs which is the whole point of enrolling at Mastery Schools Australia. It takes a village to educate a student, and I would like to applaud the students, families and your team of allied health professionals, for working together to ensure that your student has attended school each day. If your student is not attending school on time every day, please address this with your student, and your allied health teams, to consider what modifications can be made to increase your student’s attendance to be above 90%. It is a condition of enrolment that you advise the school when your student will be absent. Thank you to the families who have consistently advised us when your student will be absent and the reason for the absence. To advise us of your student absence, you can either email or phone:


Phone: 38704690
Please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher if we can help in any way.

Junior White: Rebecca Pullen –

Junior Red: Alice Smith –
: Taylor Hemana –

Junior Blue: Marie Moo-
: Christina Harwood –

Middle Red: Robbie Griffiths –
: Charlotte Kelton –

Middle Blue: Zoe Anlezark –

Senior White: Susan Attewell –
: Jessica Dorey –
: Alison Jordan –

HPE: Dilara Kaya –

Please check our Term 1 Calendar carefully as it will show the important dates to remember for Term 1 which will ensure that you stay connected with the great teaching, learning and celebrations at our school. Please save the calendar somewhere or print it out for the fridge door.

Thank you for choosing MSA to educate your child.

Matt Cavanough

@MSA Coolangatta

Updates & Reminders

Awards Night Gallery

Please see the Awards Night images via the following link:

Award Gallery

Classroom Highlights

Upcoming Events

Swimming Districts

Thursday 16 February

More details to follow.

Clean Up Australia Day

Friday, 3rd March

More details coming soon.

ILP Meetings

Monday, 13th February – Friday, 24th March

More details to come.


Wednesday, 15th March – Monday, 27th March

For Years 5, 7 & 9. More details coming soon.

Year 6 Excursion

Tuesday, 21st March

More details coming soon.

Year 10 Excursion

Thursday, 23rd March

More details to follow.

Funky Socks & Crazy Hair Day

Friday, 31st March

Last Day of Term 1, 2023

Friday, 31st March

Sport - Session 3

Sport is on during session 3 of every Friday for Term 1.

If you have any questions regarding sp0rt, please contact us via (07) 5551 4080 or


This year we welcome a new role to support our Senior students at Mastery Schools Australia Springfield campus.

Matt Kemenyvary will be working with the Senior students as the Transition Officer.

In this role Matt will assist Year 10 students in a range of ways throughout the year with Pathways Planning and Career Development.

Some of these supports will include assisting year 10 students to explore a range of occupations while developing a Career Portfolio, support student engagement and success with the Trade Taster Tafe course and work individually with students to develop a Pathway Plan for the future.

Matt is keen to work together with Senior students and their families to ensure positive future outcomes.

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