Southport Newsletter – Week 2, Term 1 2023



Message from the Principal

Dear MSA families,

Welcome back! 

It’s been a huge couple of weeks for our students, both existing and new. We’ve moved into a new site, met new teachers, had a public holiday and finished our swimming carnival. 

I want to congratulate the students on a successful transition, and their willingness to jump straight back into learning. As all of our families are aware, our expectations are high, and there is no category in which this plays out more than Effort. It has been a real pleasure seeing the students making sure that they finish every day getting the most learning they can out of it.

I also want to acknowledge how quickly our new students have picked up a different style of learning , and how wonderful our current students have been in supporting them to do so. The culture we aim to achieve is only possible with the great attitudes and contributions of our students and families. Thank you to the students in particular for making the first two weeks great.

On a final note, please make sure you take the chance to talk to your child not just about what they did today, but also about their results. We want our students to know how they are travelling at all times, and we want them to be excited about their successes. It’s often the conversations at home in which their excitement plays out the most.

Warm regards,

Andrew Pirie

MSA Southport

Updates & Reminders

Classroom Highlights

Upcoming Events

Thursday, 16th February

More details to come.

Friday, 3rd March

More details coming soon.

Monday, 13th February – Friday, 24th March

More details to come. No action from parents is required at this stage.

Wednesday, 15th March – Monday, 27th March

For Years 5, 7 & 9.
More details coming soon.

Tuesday, 21st March

More details to come.

Thursday, 23rd March

More details to come.

Friday, 31st March

Friday, 31st March

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