GC Newsletter Week 6, Term 4 2022



Message from the Principal

Dear MSA families,

With 3 weeks to go until the end of the school year, the accelerator is firmly planted. Our challenge to students is always to display the highest possible level of effort, and our commitment is always to match that with our teaching. For us, every minute counts. For new families to MSA this year, this means we will be teaching our intervention programs right up to, and including the last day of school. For students, this means the effort and attendance must be maintained, and their stamina developed in the process.

As it currently stands, student’s efforts are going from strength to strength, and I wish to commend them for the personal responsibility they are showing over their learning. Beyond all of their academic achievements, and as mentioned in the last newsletter, for me it is the habits and character they are developing that will really position them well for success into the future.

I am very impressed with the young people they are developing into.

And finally, in a move to protect our student’s from the UV rays of our glorious Queensland sun, we are aligning our SunSmart practices with the guidelines from the Cancer Council. As of Monday 14th November 2022, every student attending school must have a MSA hat to participate in any outdoor activities. I urge all parents to see the ‘Updates & Reminders’ section below to read the amended Student Uniform and Appearance Policy. 

Have a great week.

Warm regards,

Andrew Pirie 

MSA Gold Coast

Updates & Reminders

Whole School Highlights

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Gifts For Friends
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Classroom Highlights

Upcoming Events

Friday, 25th November

With immense joy, we invite all families of year 10 students to join us as in bitter-sweet celebration of MSA’s first ever year 10 graduating class!

Where: MSA Varsity Lakes
Time: 12.30 – 3.00pm

Friday, 25th November

Monday, 28th November

Where: Glow Church, 10 Energy Cct, Robina QLD 4226
Time: 6pm


Thursday, 1st December

We are excited to invite all year 6 students and their families to join us in celebrating their completion of year 6 and the exciting journey to come upon entering year 7 in 2023!

Where: The Arcade Room @ MSA Varsity Lakes
Time: 2.30pm

Friday, 2nd December

Please refer to the 2022 Academic Calendar

23rd January

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